Welcome! Bienvenidos!

Welcome! Bienvenidos!

Welcome to ‘The Peruvian Square.’ This is a space where all are welcome to share in topics and experiences of Faith-Based Development and Stewardship. Especially in today’s interconnected world, these topics are extremely important to discuss with open-minds and -hearts. It is our hope that ‘The Peruvian Square’ blog is a common place where we may do just that.

If you are well-versed in these topics, you are welcome here. If you have never heard the words “faith” “based” or “development” before, you are welcome here.

inca trail peruvian woman peru

Read more about ‘The Peruvian Square’ blog, the Editor, and DIACONIA.

Please join us in the conversation! “How?” you ask.

1. Check out the top menu for our current Conversation Topics. Here, guest authors from diverse fields have begun each topic with their thoughts and experiences. Below their article, join in! You can post your own response, questions, stories, ideas –  random trivia is also welcome.

2. Another way to engage in the conversation is in response to Carmelle Mohr’s Reflections of life in Lima, Peru. These reflections aim to tie together that which she experiences daily with the historical roots of colonization, oppression, and development in both Peru and Canada. She reflects and writes in the hope that we deepen our understanding of what it means to love our neighbour in today’s world, and to better ourselves as servant-hearted stewards or our one Earth. 

3. Interested in the what daily life in Lima looks like? Check out our Guides section to learn more than you wanted to about cockroaches.

Ideas to help make this a great blog for us all? Contact us or post your ideas on one of the pages!

One thought on “Welcome! Bienvenidos!

  1. Dear,
    Madam Carmelle
    I attracted by your Peru article which you took a time to arrange. You shown that to explain the history and their culture you were very closed with them. Thank you very much. May Our Lord Jesus bless you more. I am a Pastor living Tanzania, East Africa. I Invite you to come and to visit us I believe you will get more. My name is; Rev. Gadlord Deuli.

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